My name is Gracey Van Der Mark, I have been a resident of Huntington Beach for over 20 years. My husband and I have a blended family with 7 children. We chose to raise our family here because of the safe, suburban family-friendly environment our city had to offer. 

My city council priorities will be:

  • Small Business Advocate
  • Public Safety
  • Solve the Homelessness Crisis
  • Control the Budget
  • Stop High Density Development
  • No New Taxes

2 years ago I ran for Ocean View School Board after discovering some alarming  information in recently adopted curriculums. 

I have advocated for parents and the safety of our children for several years, both locally and in Sacramento. I clarified issues that affect our families and communities. Simplification of language brought more understanding to bills and policies and catapulted community involvement resulting in changes protecting thousands of families.

I will focus on community involvement with local issues and believe we can achieve this by making complicated issues easier for our community to understand. Clarity is my goal.

As a currently serving Finance Commissioner for the City of Huntington Beach I have first hand knowledge of the workings of city hall and the financial challenges we are facing. I will bring more attention to these issues in order to mitigate the damage. 

The city’s budget has been decimated by the pandemic. As of now, the projected financial shortfall is $20 million. We have taken a massive hit to sales tax and tourism revenue. We will not know the full financial impact of this pandemic for several months and must get ahead of this now to look for new ways to generate revenue without raising taxes. We must attract new businesses to HB and keep them in our city. 

In conclusion, I ask for your support, and in return, I promise my *unwavering* commitment to helping our city be the safest and greatest suburban community that we have all loved for so many years. 

My name is Gracey Van Der Mark and I am lucky #13 on your ballot.

Paid for by Gracey Van Der Mark for Huntington Beach City Council 2020 FPPC#1429977

11 thoughts on “Gracey’s City Council Platform

  1. Dave Sullivan says:

    I think that you are a fantastic candidate for HB city council. I particularly admire your fight to educate Oceanview school district parents about the, IMO, perverted sexual information that they are teaching their students. IMO the 3 candidates endorsed by HBCRA should run as a slate. I have quite a bit of experience in HB politics because I ran successfully for City council 4 times. I am sending a $300 contribution for your campaign . I would like to discuss with you the advantages of a slate. In my last term, I served with Erik Petersen and we were very successful in fighting the ‘bad’ guys and girls who served with us.
    Dave Sullivan

  2. Dennis James Hayes says:

    You have my vote. I am in agreement with all you stand for. You and your parents represent everything that is great about our country. We need more people like you in government.

    1. Paco Petelo says:

      I have a lot of respect for Gracey and appreciate the advocacy she has done to protect our children from some of the harmful content students have been exposed to in our public schools. She has the high moral standards that I support in a candidate.

      You have my vote Gracey, and I would be honored to have you represent me on our City Council!

  3. Jim Melrose says:

    I don’t know how you found my email address, but I’m very glad you did. My wife and I are long time HB residents and raised our kids here for the same reason. Your platform clearly articulates the key issues I too believe are before us in this great city. I normally wouldn’t vote for someone simply because of what’s Written in their website, but in your case I’m going to make an exception. (So will my wife when she reads this as well.)

  4. Linda Cohen says:

    Happy to see you running for CC. You will make a great addition to our CC. I will be happy to put a sign on the lawn in Faire Marin/Harbour Coves if you would like me to do so. Good luck, Gracey.

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